My friend Sasa gave me a teddy monkey. She named my first monkey Keykey. Sounds cheeky yeah I know but she insisted. After six months with that monkey, I lost it 😦
On our company christmas party, my monkey played the part of Abu in Aladdin. After that night, KEykey was nowhere in sight.

Two years after, sometime in September while Sasa is in Dubai, she gave me another monkey. Again, she insisted of naming the monkey and this time, it’s Peypey. (see the pattern?) When I left the Philippines, I had to bring Peypey to Aussie. Sasa will be mad if I leave Peypey. Today, I am bored. I find my monkey very nice to play with. Here she is:

I am alone today and Peypey is being a really nice mute companion. Uploading her other photos might take forever so i think i’ll put a full stop on this. 🙂

**i just watched The Mentalist** Simon Baker come to momma!


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