Gold Coast, QLD

Gold Coast, QLD

My flight was delayed but I was thankful for a safe trip up to Queensland. I stayed there for three days and 2 nights to work for our client. Luckily, gold coast is a haven for tourists so I was able to mix work with pleasure! 🙂

I arrived at Gold Coast International aiport at midday on Tuesday. The first time I laid my eyes on the beach on my way to our client’s clinic, I fell in love with the place. After a 30-minute ride from the airport to the medical practice, I finally came to reality-I was there to work. I did the doctors’ training around 1pm then nurses’ training at 3pm. I finished 5pm on that day and went to the hotel at 6pm.
I stayed at . This is the Gold Coast International Hotel in Surfer’s Paradise. It’s a pretty fancy 18-plus storey hotel.
On my first night, a work colleague of mine (who’s based in Qld) and I went to this Thai restaurant. THey served this really sumptuous Thai beef curry and barbeque chicken that made me full until the next day 🙂 WHen I got back to the hotel, I decided to burn some calories by diving into the pool. It wasn’t that fun though coz it wasnt heated. Then I spent a few minutes in the spa and headed back to my room.

The following day was more relaxed. Here are some pictures from my hotel room


Work started around 9am and finished at six. Jenn and I opted to have our dinner straight away and on our second night, we chose an Italian restaurant. As expected, we were served with this humongous plate with pasta. We were so full we almost puke. Craving for rest, we then drove back to the hotel. While Jenn was in her room taking an early rest, I took courage of going out by myself and wander around the area. Im glad I did that. Have a look!

THese were taken while I was on the bridge 🙂

I crossed the bridge and checked out what’s on the other side of the street. Along the beach, there were stalls of souvenirs of various kinds. With only a few bucks in my pocket, i bought a fridge magnet with gold coast beach hand painted on it. Take note, the seller is the artist 🙂 Very creative indeed.

It was getting late and it was time for me to enjoy the comfort of the hotel bed. I started taking steps back to GCI. The following shots were taken during my last minutes on the streets of Surfer’s Paradise 🙂

Hotel next to GCI and the moon

and here are some from inside the hotel room:

At half past twelve today, i left the beautiful state of Queensland with a hope of seeing it again. Oh hang on, i wasn’t able to see the lovely bodies of surfers (damn!) :O I came down to Melbourne at 5pm, from the airport, I drove back to the office, dropped the car and went back home.

Three long days in Gold Coast. Believe me, it was breathtaking.


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