amidst all troubles and hassles there are, I am grateful for more than a handful of blessings I receive each day.

I am thankful there is God, though unseen, has proven how great He is when He created this wonderful world and gave love and life to it for His people.

I am thankful for the fact that the air we breathe is free of charge. We are assured that tomorrow and the day after, we have enough supply of it.

I am thankful for my parents for whenever I cannot bear heavy burden, i can pass it on to them. Not every child has that opportunity.

I am thankful for my siblings though we used to fight over the dishes, we still have the time to laugh at those petty fights when we were silly.

I’ve read something similar and I wanna share the same idea:
Thank you for my eyes, not coloured but clear enough to see the beauty of life. Others either have one eye or no sense of sight at all

THank you for my ears i am able to listen to music and words of wisdom. Some people are born deaf, others can hardly hear.

Thank you for my 2 hands helping me get things done in no time.

THank you for my feet taking me wherever I want to be.

THank you for my work and the fulfillment it brings me. While others are shouting to get out from their work and literally/metaphorically getting sick of their job, thank you for the healthy working environment I am in.

Thank you for my friends who despite the distance and time difference make me feel I’m still part of their lives.

lastly, thank you for a peaceful heart. I am enjoying it at the moment and planning to enjoy it more and more.

There are million other graces I am thankful for. And I’m sure there are heaps in store for me from this day on.


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