states of aussie

states of aussie

My work gives me the opportunity to travel around aussie. So far, I’m enjoying my chance to see and discover more about this land.

I posted below the map of Australia showing different states.

Sometime in February this year, i was tasked to conduct my first training with a group of doctors in Adelaide, South Australia (SA). I can vividly remember that day. Just about 30 minutes on the plane, while thousands of feet above the ground, I was spewing. I was with my operations manager and that was the most embarrassing moment in my 26 years of existence. Anyway, after an hour of flight from Melbourne to Adelaide, despite feeling groggy and all, I got to see the beauty of Adelaide.

(i didn’t take this photo. thanks to google btw)

My first time in Adelaide, I didn’t get to see much of it. Even during my second flight there, I just stayed at the hotel. But on my third time, woohoo, no more throwing up moments. We roamed around the city after work. Lots of Asian especially Chinese nationalities in the area and the city was like 4x less quiet than the city of Melbourne.

Then there came March. My flight to Canberra was scheduled. Did you know that the capital city of Australia is Canberra and not Sydney? It’s part of the Australian Capital Territory state (ACT).I just knew it when I had to research about the place before my flight 😛 Here’s a glimpse of that city.
I wasn’t able to see the Parliament House though. All I saw back there were plains and cattle. That’s all I could remember 🙂

I know you’ve seen my not so impressive photos in Queensland (QLD) but i still want to steal a good shot from google to further emphasize it’s exquisite beauty. Queensland was my destination last May.
Words are not enough to describe this place.

What’s on for this June? Next week, I’ll be ticking New SOuth WAles (NSW)off my list. For four days and 3 nights, aside from work, it’s time for me to explore the wonders of this state. This is where Sydney is.

The last but definitely not the least is of course my home sweet home Melbourne in Victoria (VIC). Believe me I tried capturing Melbourne City lights but my photos were not even half as good as this one I found in google. Check it out:
. THis is Melbourne City at night. THe busiest days are weekends when everyone is partying and holidays when most tourists visit the place. My humble abode is around 30 minutes away from here by tram. Melbourne is my home sweet home (away from home sweet real home).

Hopefully I could fly to Tasmania, West Australia and Northern Territory some other time. Fingers crossed. Very very tight. 🙂


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