a year wiser

a year wiser

Date: June 21, 2010
Time: 12:08AM

It’s a holiday coz it’s mah birthday! 🙂 Right at this very minute, I’ve officially turned 27. Gone are the days when Grandma used to cut my fringe half of my forehead when I was seven. Crushes and puppy love when I was seventeen were history and ten years has passed since then, now a woman I’ve become seem to age but being young at heart, that, I have no plan of losing.

My Saturday afternoon was filled with lahahahaughter and dancing when friends came over to our place with a handful of yummy food and presents. I, named by my housemate Che, Masterchef (ehem) prepared sumptuous meals and a dessert. It really feels amazing and when life and food are shared with friends who I consider as my family.

In this photo, it’s me (bday on June 21) and che (bday on June 22). Uh-huh! it is really a double celebration.Cool hey?

You can see above our heads a little happy birthday banner. Let me tell you a little secret. That actaully says Happy 1st birthday! Che just cut it in half to correct it. Yeah I know it’s almost acceptable to somehow lie about your age but it wasn’t really my intention. Not that I wanted to become one year old again. Believe me when I say it was an honest mistake 🙂

To tell you the truth, when I came here to AUstralis and spent more than a year in this country, one thing I always ask, Will I still be able to receive flowers? Just like a wish came true, the moment our friends stepped into our house, hello gorgeous orange roses! Birthday gift from the lovely couple Cristy and Christian. This photo will describe how happy I am to receive my first bouquet of roses in Aussie.

And Yes! flowers do make me happy.

Date: June 20,2010
Time: 5:00pm
Place: Sunshine West
Event: Double birthday celebration

Che and I was picked up by Ate Joy at SUnshine Train Station around 4pm. The double celebration started at 5pm. This time, it’s only for the family. Here we are enjoying every second of cutting the cake. Thanks to Ate Joy for the effort of buying the best one in (williams)town!

One more year of borrowed happy life from Bro. Well I’m hoping He’ll lend me this life a little longer. Another year of life filled with blessings. Additional year to gain more wisdom. Extra twelve months to touch other people’s lives. Three hundred and sixty five days to exude goodness. My wish for this very special day is to have a healthy and wealthy family.

This day is special for I was made special. Grateful. THankful.

I am twenty seven.


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