Mount Buller

Mount Buller


We left Melbourne around 5.30AM and arrived at Mt Buller at almost 10AM. Look how happy I was when we finally got there.

Silly me. I didnt know my camera’s lighting was set to Tungsten so you will notice my photos are bluish in color. In some photos, it was like a blessing in disguise but in this photo it really didnt help. hehe 🙂

We had lunch at the mountain. At first my cousin and I thought it will cost us a fortune to have lunch at the cafes there but the food were pretty cheap. My stomach was grumbling with happiness when I filled it with chips, nachos, hot soup and dim sim.burp! Just after a few minutes, we started walking around the area. And because I didn’t have any plan of breaking my leg, neck, finger or rib, I didn’t ski. Aside from the fact that I’m a kitty kat when it comes to jumping out from the chair lift, I dont know how to. I’m not eager to know how to either. I ended up renting a toboggan! I played with this for 2 hours. Such an addict. I felt like a child again.

The bus driver was really strict and we had to go down and say goodbye to the mountain at 4pm. Before we left, I took this last photo which is one of my favorites.

“Pagpunta mo ng snow dala ka syrup at saging” – Famous line from my dad. 😛


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