When nature strikes human

When nature strikes human

We have long heard of warnings on global warming on print,tv and over the radio. global warming and it’s occurrence is underrated, it do not seem to acquire adequate attention from us. Yes including myself. I wanted to look back at all the disasters that happened recently around the world.
It started with Haiti earthquake. People were shocked in terror leaving men and women,young and old lifeless or deeply wounded physically and emotionally. Not long after this, Australians experienced one of the worst typhoons in Queensland. A billion dollars worth of destructed government and private properties were reported resulting to a ridiculous commodities price hike. Mother Nature did not seem to be satisfied with these and she soon shattered Kiwis giving them a seven point plus magnitude of earthquake. A female kababayan is one of the many who’s life was taken by the unpredicted ground shake. And who said mother nature is done? Here we all are now grieving and emphatising to the citizens of Japan. Our eyes glued on the telly as we watch the tsunami wash away part of the Northern Tokyo. Cars,planes,houses and buildings seem to be like tiny broken toys floating on water. Smashed.Crashed.Torn.Fallen.

What could go worse than this? Mother Nature shouted for help at the time she was being destructed. Out of billions of people, only a handful dared to respond to her. She was yearning for care, yet we were all busy with our own life to listen.Now we feel her vengeance. Bitter than anything we could imagine. Too many lives were taken away. No one knows how many more we would lose if another disaster hits us again.

I saw a post on fb and it kinda goes like this..The world shakes to remind those who are standing to kneel and pray.


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