Gandpa’s lil Angel

Gandpa’s lil Angel

It was a very heartbreaking Monday today. Tired from first day of the week’s work, got home with creased forehead, had dinner at some random corner of the street and walked my way home. As soon as I changed into my walking clothes, I picked up my key and mobile then head off again outside of the house for some fresh air.

It was past seven at night when I decided to do a little bit of walking. I took the same way going to the tram stop-same route everyday. I went past a row of houses, mini-grocery and merchandise shop. Then there goes the auto repair shop. Right in front of it, I stopped. I almost stepped on a keycard holder with a man’s driver license, $5 bill and 4 or 5 photos of a cute little girl. Alexander Buna. The man lives at Sydney Road it says on the license. I thought, well it is an effort to drive all the way to Sydney Road just to return it. I flipped the card and there was a change of address. 69 Melville Road. Ten minutes drive from my place-not too bad.
I decided not to continue my exercise and went back home. I got in the car with Maui and drove to where the address is. We stopped at #59 and traced the block til we reached #69. At the entrance, I buzzed unit 3 and an old man’s voice said “who is it?”
I shouted back “I’m after Alexander Buna”. The man, hearing an unfamiliar voice was kinda puzzled and questioned “Why?”.

“You dropped your license at Moreland Road and I have it now”, I said. It sounded like he didn’t realize his license was missing and after a minute or two, there he was in front of me. The man is indeed a bit old probably in late 50s or early 60s. He thanked me but what touched me the most was when he said “Oh, and my granddaughter” while looking at the photos of his grandchild and He thanked me again. I bid goodbye to him but I was frozen for a split second.

Tonight I met a grandfather. For a moment I was reminded how it was like to be a grandchild. Precious and delicate. Comforted and loved.

I miss my grandfather. He’s everything I could ask for a man.


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