Not updating my status on facebook doesn’t mean I’m living a dull life. As a matter of fact, June has been a very busy, tiring, exciting and special month for me. To start with, this June I had my second trip to Gold Coast. There were four small medical clinics merged into a huge “super clinic” with around 10 or more doctors and numerous staff. I stayed at Hotel Grand Chancellor in Surfer’s Paradise during my 2 nights/3 days stay.

  The hotel was nice but not as fancy as the last one I stayed at last year.

On my second night, Jenny and I had a look around at what the area offers to tourists and locals. There were lots of pubs near the hotel and different sorts of restaurants serving variety of menu. There were Chinese restaurants, Malaysian, Indian, Italian and a lot more. 

It was fun walking around the place – flashing lights everywhere, skyscraper hotels here and there and lively music you will sing into til you get to bed. Jenny and I checked out Hard Rock Cafe shop which made me so excited as we don’t have it in Melbourne. I found out that it closed in nineteen ninety something in Melbourne and surprisingly no one had ever thought of putting it up again in the city. Anyway, so we went in the shop and greeted by the saleslady.  She was sporting this gothic look style which I suppose matches the theme of the store. They sell souvenirs like shirts for both gender, kids and adults. There were belts, key chains, beer mugs, glasses and other stuff. I got a lady shirt with the signature logo Hard Rock Cafe on it and one for Maui.

From Gold Coast to Melbourne. June 14 is my grandmother’s birthday. She would have been 87 by now. When I was a kid, I remember our time together when I just blurted out to her “Nanay, ayoko na pumasok. Paulit-ulit lang tinuturo ng teacher”. hehe. I was 6 years old at the time in kindergarten. Yes she and my grandfather raised me when mum was still working in Manila.

Seven days after Nanay’s birthday was mine. I turned twenty eight. Mum told me she was my age when she had me. And I am her last kid. Fair enough! =)
My birthday celebration was simple but great. Maui and I drove to church and attended the Tuesday mass. He bought me those heavenly cupcakes with happy birthday letters on them. I received a silver sterling bracelet he bought from Tiffany.

He also bought me an office handbag from Calvin Klein and my housemate Jehn handed a Nine West sling bag she got the night after my birthday. To be honest since 2002, I get depressed and emotional on my birthday. It was then when a day after my birthday, my lolo died of heart attack and ever since, when I think about my birthday I also think about his death anniversary. Nevertheless, I know that he’s keeping an eye on me from above and surely he’s proud of his “poging” apo =)

June is about to end and we’ll say hello to this year’s third quarter.
Next week I’m looking forward to our trip to snowy mountains.


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