New Zealand

New Zealand

It’s been a looong time since I last wrote on my blog. Lots of happenings in twenty eleven and twenty twelve offers me countless blessings and life changing adventures.

2011 December, New Zealand
I was the first to take days off from work December last year. I spent seven days in the breathtaking country of New Zealand. First 3 days was Wellington City. It was pretty small but very convenient. Their attractions were mainly located in the main city, few steps apart. First we went to Cable Car. I got a bit disappointed with this, it wasn’t a cable car I pictured in my mind but nonetheless it was a cool little train ride up the top of the hill. At the end of it awaits the fantastic botanical garden surrounded by various flowers and trees. So colourful that you cannot capture its perfect beauty. From up there, I saw the whole city of Wellington and the ocean.

In wellington city

Next stop was the museum, Te Papa. I read about New Zealand’s historical events, rich culture and Kiwi’s traditional way of life. I also enjoyed walking along the city watching ferries and yatchs come and go.
Three days after, my fiance and I had to leave the city and drive to Palmerston North to meet my bride-to-be cousin. I didn’t really get to see much around Palmie. The wedding took place Saturday afternoon and lasted until almost midnight. To make sure we make the most out our vacation, early Sunday morning my fiance and I drove up the northern part of the Northern Island – to Taupo. We visited their Huka Falls, the Cave and Orakei Korako.


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