half empty or half full

half empty or half full

Fallen leaves now started to cover the streets of Melbourne.Autumn came so quickly without any warning.The previous weeks the weather seem to have its ups and downs.One day its hot, next day is freezing.It might be true that weather affects human emotions.It did well on mine.
On summer it was bright and sunny so are my days.We started building a 4br house in Melbourne last November and we’re finally moving in before this month ends.Pretty exciting, huh?! It does feel fantastic to finally see the fruit of our hard work.My fiance and I were on our highest level of happiness as soon as we saw the cupboards and tiles all in
place. There are still a number of add ons to do with the house though like fence and driveway but apart from these it’s gonna be a bloody good place to start a fam.
Then came the change of weather. Autumn gives this pre-winter cold and gloominess in Melb. My stress level is on its peak.Unang stress ay sa trabaho.Ang paggamit ng wikang Tagalog ang pinakaligtas na gawin nang sa gayon ay hindi maintindihan ng mga kasamahan kong banyaga kung sakali mang makita nila ang blog na ito.Sa trabaho, lumisan ang kaibigan kong Briton na napakasarap katrabaho.Propesyonal, magaling at pinanghihinayangan kong hinahayan na umalis ng kompanya.Sya ang isa sa mga hinahangaan kong katrabaho.Mahusay sa larangan ng edukasyon. Sumunod na nakakalungkot na pangyayari isa sa mga kasamahan ko ang tinanggal sa trabaho dahil sa kanyang hindi magandang performance.nakakapanghinayang dahil masaya pa naman syang kasama sa trabaho.
One more stressful thing is the wedding preps. At first i thought having a church and reception are enough to have a wedding ceremony.It’s a bloody lot of work!
Too much to take in a short period of time. I need the strength and courage to move on. I received countless blessings and m hoping i could focus on them and be able to look forward.

One last thing, God gave me a challenging task that i must face with a brave heart. I feel like falling, I’m now down on my knees but even if this means I no longer have my two feet to stand on, I will make sure I pass this test even if I have to crawl.

Mood: weak but hopeful


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