Between happiness and anger

Between happiness and anger

It’s a puzzle how some people are controlled by their emotions while others are in control of their emotions.Different feelings every day produce various reactions, gestures and expressions. When we’re happy everything seems to fall into place. That feeling when the stars agree with your plans and the sun shines right through your face like it’s kissing your cheek. Happiness that takes you to a higher ground as you sit on the clouds with laughter, sometimes with tears of joy. It’s that feeling when you’re finally holding that coloured balloon you wanted when you were a child, or having your favorite ice cream melting on its cone while you lick the cone up to stop it from flowing down your hand.That feeling when you’re high school crush finally smiled at you or said hi. That feeling when you finally got the dream job after college, or that moment when you exchange your vows with the person you would want to live the rest of your life with.It’s the feeling each one of us dreamed of.

On the other side of the story is anger. It is a strong emotion that leads us to undesirable situations and can cause damage to oneself and to others. Fury makes a person talk without thinking and act without reasoning. In contrary to being happy, anger is when you feel like you want to yell your hearts out in order to be heard. Or stay quiet on the corner and still wanted to be heard. That feeling when you use all the muscles on your face to control your mouth from saying the wrong words. That feeling that sometimes wanting you to give up but not give in. When all you wanted was to prove yourself right when you’re wronged. It’s been an excuse for millions of arguments, physical abuse, revenge, violence and even death. An emotion we do not want yet we often feel.

How many times did u feel happy or angry today? Which between the two did we feel the most? Which between the two do we want to feel the most?


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