Sense of belongingness

Sense of belongingness

2.34am and i just got home from a friend’s house. I am friends with 3 amazing mothers/wife/nurses. Their husbands are nurses too. Like I always say, it’s cool hanging out with these people as if it’s fine to pass out anytime 😉

On summer last year, I remember our first gathering was as quiet as a church mass. Jehn and I were just on the couch watching tv. Ingrid and Pam have their own set of friends they’ve known for years. It was an awkward moment at the time knowing that we didn’t belong to their clique. Not long after that though, we got invited again on another gathering and voila! We loosened up completely, raised and clicked our glasses and the night of music and laughter began. Funny how the four of us giggle on shallow green jokes, drink the same wine Mr Moscato most of the time and talk for hours until dawn 😉

Life is more colourful having these 3 people around. How the four of us became sisters, i cannot explain. It just happened. We are not related by blood, but we are sisters by heart.


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