Most Understanding Mother Mum. I may never be the best friend one could have, nor the sweetest girl a man could dream of. I may never be the most hard working staff at work, nor the friendliest face in the crowd. I may never be the best student nor a high achiever. I may always fail and do things wrong. I may never have the perfect hair, nor the fairest skin.. I may always whinge and feel insecure.. I may be the childish grown up there could ever be.. One thing I am certain of, I am loved by her. For her I am the best, the sweetest girl every man dreams of. For her I am an asset in any company I work for. For her I glow and stand out in a crowd. For her I am always her best student. She picks me up when I fall, corrects me when Im wrong. She believes there is beauty in me. She lifts up my spirit and makes me feel secure. In her eyes I am always a child, then and now. I am loved. This entry is for my mum who’s been my fortress, inspiration, my strength, my friend, my adviser, my everything. I may not be the greatest person, but I know in my heart I have been at least a good daugther to my mother. Happy Mothers Day Mommy. I love you always and forever.


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