Preggy Me

Preggy Me

It’s July, probably the month I consider as the most exciting month for my year 2013. In two weeks time I will be delivering my baby girl into this world. She’s very active inside my tummy especially during night time. A couple of days ago, I had my check up, alas, she’s still not in the proper position considering she’s supposed to come out very soon. I was advised to do more walking and more bouncing on my pregnancy ball. Sometimes it feels dragging but at the same time, I am enjoying the last moments she’s inside my belly. Contrary to what I expected, I can still move around like normal despite being close to my due date. One thing I noticed is the swelling of my fingers which they said is pretty normal during the last days of pregnancy. Thank God I am not experiencing any kind of complication whatsoever. I can’t really tell whether pregnancy during winter is better than during summer but I find it quite favorable to dress up during this cold weather. I do not have tons of maternity clothes but it’s quite easy to pair up your loose top with a pair of tights. Boots are so comforting as well, I’ve got one flat knee-high and a short one. All throughout the cold days they are the only two pairs protecting my feet. Most of my maternity clothes were sent to me by Mum from the Phils and some of them are sleeveless. That though doesn’t matter because you can simply put on your long sleeve underneath the dress and you’re ready to be out in the cold. I am not really a fan of beanies but during windy days, hoodies are helpful. Today, I did a bit of walking from our place to my friend’s house and it’s sooo chilly and windy at the same time I almost freeze. I am not sure if it’s hormones or plain vanity but I noticed I recently loved to look at lovely women and the way they do their hair and make up. I recently bought a full set of eyeshadow, lip palettes and a make up brush. Maybe it’s just me but it’s quite flattering to hear people say you still look good for someone who is about to pop! When I hear comments like that, at the back of my mind I’d say “why? what should I look like by now?” In fact I see a lot of white pregnant women who look really pretty with their big belly and some of them (who just gave birth) push prams looking really really HOT. I sometimes tell myself, I want to look like that after giving birth (good luck to me). Let’s talk about food. During my first trimester, I can hardly take in food. The first three months I survived with just apples. That’s the only food my body can take in at that time. The second trimester got gradually got better and I was able to eat and drink little by little. Then came the third trimester, this is the time when I really got my appetite back and I eat lots and lots of different food especially chocolates. On my birthday, I went to a shopping centre before heading to the city to have dinner. I stopped by a grocery store and grabbed myself a packet of chocolates. I munched two bars of it on the way to the city while driving and it felt oh so good!!! Apart from the junk foods I eat, I still fill up myself with fruits and few veggies. I always have a serving of fruit on my plate 3 times a day. I can live without rice but not without fruit and this I think is good. Sleeping time is a struggle at first but once I get the proper position, sleep is still as good as evah! Slumber away! Peeing disrupts my sleep but after emptying my bladder, in less than a minute Im back in the dreamworld =) Wherever I got this from (mum or dad) I am thankful for having the ability to sleep despite any circumstance haha. I will share my story on labour and birth once I experience it. I still have 15 days to relax and prepare for the coming of my little princess. Her room is all set, her pram, crib, bassinet, clothes and other stuff are all ready for use. It’s just her we have all been waiting for.


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