Second Baby (and the feeling that comes with it)

Second Baby (and the feeling that comes with it)

At 31 weeks of your pregnancy, you would think you’ve figured it all out when it comes to preparing for your second child.We’ve heard so many times having your first baby is the hardest- from pregnancy, labour until upon and after birth. It wasn’t until these past few weeks I’ve realised I’m clueless as to how to handle two little beloved darlings who will be both depending on me. It gives me the anxiety and mentality of whether or not I’ll be enough for both of them. 

This will be a new learning curve for me but I guess my attitude should now be focused more on being always a “student of life.” I took time to ponder the challenging days to come and it somehow gives me relief to know it’s normal to feel nervous and unprepared at this point. It made me realised I am their mother, I can and will only do what I believe is the best for them. 
A few coping styles I gathered from forums and articles on the internet which I think will suit me best:
1. Create a schedule. Try to establish a routine that will help you accomplish the important tasks for the day.
2. Prioritise. People always say to me house works can wait. Take care of the children first and deal with the house mess later. 
3. Take time to breathe. Don’t forget yourself. Give yourself a 15-20 min break while kids are taking a nap. Relax and put your feet up.
4. Accept and be thankful for support. My midwife advised it’s important to get support from your husband, family members and even friends. If people offer for help, grab it. 
5. Keep a positive attitude. As much as you can, un-load those negative emotions and collect only those happy feelings your children will give you. 
Our kids are our greatest treasures. Live happy and love unconditionally.
Quote for the day : Be busy loving your life that you have no time for hate or regret. 

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