Frankston Sand Sculpture

Frankston Sand Sculpture

It has always been a challenge for parents to keep their kids entertained during school holidays. For us, it is a good opportunity to see what’s happening around Melbourne. Frankston Sand Sculpture is one great place to spend time with the family.

The theme for this year is A Day at the Zoo. They showcased different animal groups from different countries, each was masterfully built with sophistication. Below is a photo I grabbed from Sand Sculpting Australia – A Day at the Zoo facebook page. If I remember it correctly, this is the group of animals that can be seen in Australia. 

Hello Mates!

Apart from the amazing sculptures, there are also activities for the little ones. Upon entry, each child will receive a coloring set with photos, questions and word search in it. Near the cafe, there’s a free face paint for kids and mini tables and chairs where kids can practice sand sculpting ($6 fee). There’s also an area where kids can play on the sand for free. 
Our family also enjoyed the food we had around the area, the restaurant called Sofia. It is by the beach and they provide fast and efficient service. 
The place was good and the area where we were seated was spacious enough to accommodate all 6 of us including 2 prams. They offer a variety of menu suitable for kids and adults. 
Our trip was not complete without dipping into the Frankston Beach water. It was a lovely sunny afternoon in Frankston and the water was just so inviting so we decided to enjoy the moment and play a bit more. 
Sand sculpture is open until April 25. Check their facebook page Sand Sculpting Australia. Tickets are available at the venue. 

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