Phillip Island, Cowes

Phillip Island, Cowes

Going out on a leisure trip with an infant and a toddler is never an easy feat. There’s so much things to pack with so little time to prepare. But, the good thing about living in Melbourne is there’s so many beautiful places to visit, keep your toddler amazed and occupied plus you wouldn’t have to travel too far.

We’ve recently been to Phillip Island, Cowes – a tourist destination, 2 hours from Melbourne where they offer visitors a spectacular view of penguins swimming out from the sea, getting to the dry land and parading up to their burrows.

In this photo, around 8:30PM spectators gather up in this viewing area for the penguins’ arrival.

Waiting for the penguins to come ashore

Unfortunately, it’s not allowed to record the parade so we just privately enjoyed the experience of walking with the penguins while they went up to their burrows. Some of the penguins seemed to learn how to socialize as they waddle towards the people waiting for them. My 2 year old was fascinated and loved every minute of it.

Here’s all the information you need to get there Penguin Parade Phillip Island.

Our family stayed overnight at Ramada Resort in Phillip Island Road, Cowes. This is 15 minutes away from Penguin Parade. Most resorts / hotels can only accommodate a maximum of 2 adults per room. At Ramada, they offer a 3-bedroom cottage (with a living room, kitchenette, 2 shower rooms and 2 toilets) for $336.

The following day, we went to Panny’s Chocolate Factory in New Haven. We had a fun time viewing chocolate-made creations and participating in quizzes and games.


For those who would like to visit Melbourne, add Phillip Island to your list. There’s so much to do and see and it is definitely suitable for the entire family. ♥




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