Philippine Election 2016

Philippine Election 2016

I’ve given up my Filipino citizenship few years back but my love for our beloved country remains the same. A lot of Filipinos who live abroad still yearn to go back to Pinas. It is home, our home. It will always be.

Today’s partial election results somehow gave me hope that our country will have a new beginning. I don’t give up on my dream that the incoming President will turn over a new leaf for the Filipino people. I am not a voter, but I’ve been silently following and supporting Mayor Duterte from my humble abode. I prayed for him, for his success and if it is God’s will, that he may hold the position of presidency.

The last ballot has not been counted yet but the initial results seem to be in favor of Mayor Duterte. I’ve got my fingers crossed that he will officially win the race. Out of all the Philippine presidential elections I’ve witnessed, it occurs to me that only Mayor Duterte has the power to really unite the Filipino people towards one goal – a better Pilipinas.

For Mayor, or should I say President Duterte, hindi pa tapos ang totoong laban. Magsisimula pa lang pag upo sa Malacañang. May you always have the humble heart to serve your people and may you be blessed with good health in the years to come.

Congratulations in advance, President Duterte.


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