Working and Stay at Home Mumma

Working and Stay at Home Mumma

We have all been judged in one way or another on our choices in life. I guess one of the many aspects mothers are criticised for is their choice to either work or stay at home with the kids.

I have been both when I fell pregnant with my second child. My eldest was around 1 and a half and during my 10 months of maternity leave, I was a stay at home mum. For all those who are planning to have a baby or have a baby on the way, I tell you now being a stay at home mother is not an easy feat. It requires a lot of organisational skills, time management skills, the ability to multi tasks and a lot more. It’s hard work especially if you are alone with your kids. I was lucky enough to have an almost everyday visit from my aunt who lives close to my place and she gave me a helping hand most of the time.

Now that I am back in the workforce, my current role also requires the same skills as when I was a stay-at-home mum. It is hard work too – getting up early, doing household chores after a day’s work in the office, spending quality time with the kids and doing the same routine again the following day.

In saying so, I guess what I am trying to promote is for each and everyone to see the positivity in the choices mothers make. Please be aware that choosing between working and staying at home is difficult enough plus we are all in different life situations and we always choose to do what is best for our family. For those mothers out there who are torn between working or staying at home, know that your decision will not be a measure of how good of a mother you are. You are good enough.



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