Huawei Nexus 6P review

Huawei Nexus 6P review

Last month, I ditched my Iphone 5s and got a new Huawei Nexus 6P mobile phone. For those of you who are thinking about buying this product, I hope this entry helps you out.


  • Nexus 6P almost has the same screen size as Iphone 6 plus.
  • Screen resolution is outstanding – vibrant colours
  • Nexus Imprint available (optional use) – multiple fingerprints can be set up to un-lock phone or you can use the standard 4 digit code
  • Powered by Google – photos, contacts, mails etc can be synchronized with your google account
  • Google drive – option to upload data to google drive to save space on the phone
  • Sound clarity
  • One of the cheapest smart phones available in Melbourne (Optus plan, $48/mo)


  • Internal memory 32 G – no external memory option to bump up the memory size
  • HDR in camera takes a few seconds to process causing blurry shots of moving subjects

For Mummas out there who are intending to buy a smart phone that does not cost as much as the latest models, check out Nexus 6P at your nearest shop. xoxo


Working and Stay at Home Mumma

Working and Stay at Home Mumma

We have all been judged in one way or another on our choices in life. I guess one of the many aspects mothers are criticised for is their choice to either work or stay at home with the kids.

I have been both when I fell pregnant with my second child. My eldest was around 1 and a half and during my 10 months of maternity leave, I was a stay at home mum. For all those who are planning to have a baby or have a baby on the way, I tell you now being a stay at home mother is not an easy feat. It requires a lot of organisational skills, time management skills, the ability to multi tasks and a lot more. It’s hard work especially if you are alone with your kids. I was lucky enough to have an almost everyday visit from my aunt who lives close to my place and she gave me a helping hand most of the time.

Now that I am back in the workforce, my current role also requires the same skills as when I was a stay-at-home mum. It is hard work too – getting up early, doing household chores after a day’s work in the office, spending quality time with the kids and doing the same routine again the following day.

In saying so, I guess what I am trying to promote is for each and everyone to see the positivity in the choices mothers make. Please be aware that choosing between working and staying at home is difficult enough plus we are all in different life situations and we always choose to do what is best for our family. For those mothers out there who are torn between working or staying at home, know that your decision will not be a measure of how good of a mother you are. You are good enough.


Bottle versus Boobs

Bottle versus Boobs

I’ve read so many articles, arguments, comments and posts about the battle between formula feeding and breastfeeding. I’ve heard a lot of comments and suggestions about this and to be honest for me it’s all about the outcome and what suits your baby.

Ok, here’s my two cents on the topic.

  1. It is a mutual agreement between you and your baby. When I was pregnant with my first child, I was pretty confident that I want to exclusively breastfeed for at least a year. It was my goal and really keen on sticking to it. Then came my beautiful baby, hungry and wanting her milk. At the hospital, I gave her milk straight from the breast. As a first time mother I was clueless on how to properly latch my daughter and did not know it hurts a lot when done incorrectly. By the time I saw the lactation consultant, it was too late, I was sore, tired and also frustrated for not having enough milk. I took Fenugreek, ate a lot of leafy vegetables, drank lots of fluids but the supply just wasn’t enough. My daughter screams out of hunger and that’s when I decided to grab the formula. She was satisfied, I was satisfied and the routine became mix feeding – boob first then bottle. This worked for us. At the end of the day, she’s happy and I was happy too. This lasted for 3 months and she just had formula after.
  2. Look at the outcome and not on the action. I’ve seen a lot of babies that were           formula-fed right from the beginning and they all look as  healthy and happy as those who were breastfed and vice versa. In some instances I’ve seen mothers with guilt feelings for not breastfeeding their baby and other times,  mothers who breastfeed their child look down on those who don’t. If we can look at the end result, as long as our kids are healthy and happy, we know we are on the right track.
  3. There is no rule where and when to feed, it’s your baby’s call. This is the tricky part. For bottle-feeding mums, there’s a public acceptance on where and when to feed their child. This has been the “norm” and no one raises an eyebrow if you take out your bottle and baby starts drinking from it. Unfortunately, there are still individuals who (for goodness sake) still discriminate mothers who breastfeed in public. To tackle this a bit more, I’d like to share that I breastfed my second child for 10 months. Personally, I breastfeed in public but use a piece of cloth to cover the exposed part of my breast. When I am at home and female friends, aunts or female cousins visit us, I just whip out my boob and feed my daughter whenever she wants it. I’ve seen some of my friends who breastfeed in public without any cover and I’m fine with it. It’s a personal choice and for me, I’m not comfortable doing it in public without a cover while other mums are ok with it. The bottom line is when the baby is hungry, go for it – covered or not covered. Expect that some people will tell you off but hey your baby needs milk and they’ve got to have it whenever they want. There are people who will accept the action and there are some who will judge you for it. What matters most is what’s best for the baby.


Mothers know best.

My bottlefed and breastfed babies
Make up Mumma

Make up Mumma

I’m a late bloomer when it comes to make up but I have loved them since I put my hands on them. I’ve used different brands but also still miss out on a lot of high end products mainly due to cost. These products below are the ones which I carry with me all the time.


This is my first time to use Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation. It has a lovely cocoa scent that makes me want to eat it 🙂 I have combination skin and this powder does not dry my skin but is good in keeping the shine at bay.



You can tell by the looks of it that I have been using this a lot. It’s the MAC Blushbaby – Sheertone Blush. It’s a powder blush that is not too pink, just enough to give that natural look.

$41.00 AUD or P2, 300 @



For me the brows are the hardest to perfect but I have been practicing and trying different products that are easy to use to make my brows look good. I just finished my MAC brow pencil (in Spike)  so I decided to try other products that may be as good. I’m using Bobbi Brown (in Brunette) for lining the brows then fill the gaps with Rimmel’s Brow this Way. The Bobbi Brown pencil is a bit tricky you’ve got to do light strokes so you don’t over do your brows. The Rimmel is a wax and a powder in one kit plus the applicator. It’s very compact, easy to apply and lasts long. For the last touch up, I brush my brows with the transparent L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper to hold the brows and finish the look.



For the lips, these two are my to-go lipsticks. The Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick is so velvety and doesn’t dry the lips. The other liptick, MAC Honey Love in Matte is great to use when trying to achieve that nude lips effect without looking washed out.


These are some of my make up products I use on a daily basis. I work 5 days a week during office hours and these products stay put all day. =)

**For authentic products, purchase only from trusted websites like and**


Philippine Election 2016

Philippine Election 2016

I’ve given up my Filipino citizenship few years back but my love for our beloved country remains the same. A lot of Filipinos who live abroad still yearn to go back to Pinas. It is home, our home. It will always be.

Today’s partial election results somehow gave me hope that our country will have a new beginning. I don’t give up on my dream that the incoming President will turn over a new leaf for the Filipino people. I am not a voter, but I’ve been silently following and supporting Mayor Duterte from my humble abode. I prayed for him, for his success and if it is God’s will, that he may hold the position of presidency.

The last ballot has not been counted yet but the initial results seem to be in favor of Mayor Duterte. I’ve got my fingers crossed that he will officially win the race. Out of all the Philippine presidential elections I’ve witnessed, it occurs to me that only Mayor Duterte has the power to really unite the Filipino people towards one goal – a better Pilipinas.

For Mayor, or should I say President Duterte, hindi pa tapos ang totoong laban. Magsisimula pa lang pag upo sa Malacañang. May you always have the humble heart to serve your people and may you be blessed with good health in the years to come.

Congratulations in advance, President Duterte.

♥ Happy Mother’s Day ♥

♥ Happy Mother’s Day ♥

A big hug to all the Mothers out there for being the soul of the family. This roller coaster ride of motherhood is truly the best role a woman could ever ask for.



Mother’s day celebration is not only for us biological mothers. I also want to celebrate this with Stepmothers, Adoptive Mothers and those who have a loving heart of a Mother. You all deserve to join in this celebration. Spread the love and peace on this special occasion. ♥


Life in general.

Life in general.

Having a family is life’s greatest blessing. Enjoy it.

Do not compromise your values to conform. Stand on your ground and be the change you want to be.

Time is the most important gift. Give it.

Social media is cool until they make you anti-social. Face to face is still cooler.

If in distress, de-stress. Nothing is more satisfying than a relaxed mind, body and soul.

It’s ok to be crazy and angry sometimes. It is NORMAL.

Say what you mean and mean what you say.

It’s ok not to be perfect. No one is and ever will be…